• Air Quality Control and Dry Vacuum Pump Systems For Photovoltaic Manufacturers

    The demand for environmentally friendly renewable energy sources is increasing as we look for ways to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, without damaging the environment for future generations. One of the greenest solutions is Solar Power. Manufacturers use various processes such as crystalline silicon, CdTe, CIGS or Silicon Thin Film Technology to produce photovoltaic cells which will capture sunlight and convert into energy. The last ten years has seen significant technology developments to make solar energy economically competitive, with improved efficiencies and lower manufacturing costs.

    Edwards is leading the way when it comes to vacuum and abatement for solar applications. We have leveraged our product capabilities and application expertise from the semiconductor field, and either transferred or developed our most advanced technology for photovoltaic manufacturing processes. Our ability to diagnose issues and develop innovative and practical solutions by supporting worldwide leading solar OEMs has given real end user benefits, in quality, product yield and cost.

    We are the only manufacturer that can supply photovoltaic manufacturers’ worldwide with the complete range of dry vacuum pumps, turbomolecular pumps (TMPs) and exhaust management systems for all processes. Either as individual product ranges or fully integrated pump and abatement solutions, our process knowledge and technical expertise within the photovoltaic industry are key factors in helping you maintain delivery and quality requirements.

    Our dry pump ranges include iH, GXS, iXL, iXH and STP Turbomolecuar Pumps, each optimised to meet customer specific applications, with exceptional process gas handling and temperature management for maximum reliability. Green Mode technology will enable reduced power consumption, achieving low running costs and reduced environmental impact.

    Abatement products including Atlas series and Spectra ZW series burn type scrubbers are widely used within the photovoltaic manufacturing processes, for high reliability with high flows of hydrogen and extremely toxic-pyrophoric gases. Enabling manufacturers to reduce their impact on the environment and at the same time reduce operating costs

    The award winning EZENITH integrates vacuum pumping and abatement into a single system to provide manufacturers with a highly efficient, low-cost-of-ownership solution that meets the latest manufacturing and environmental requirements. EZENITH is easy to install and use, and it saves valuable fab floor space. It features Green Mode, which provides significant reductions in energy consumption, resulting in reduced environmental impact and additional cost-of-ownership savings.

    Our high market share, application expertise and strong global service network is testimonial to our success and leadership in photovoltaic manufacturing processes. We have developed cutting-edge technologies in partnership with our customers which have enabled a faster evolving solar industry.