• Heavy Duty Vacuum Pumps & Abatement Solutions For LED Manufacturing

    The exploding demand for LEDs is driven by their dramatic advantages relative to other lighting technologies. Compared to incandescent bulbs, for example, they offer lifetimes as much as 10 times longer and consume less than a quarter of the energy. The lighting possibilities are endless, with smaller sizes, faster switching and improved out-put, LED manufacturers are challenged with meeting high process demands and yet reduce manufacturing costs.  

    Shorter wavelength LEDs (green-blue) use nitride-based materials while the longer wavelengths (red-yellow) use phosphide-based materials. Each material poses unique process challenges in both the vacuum pump and abatement selection, as many of the materials used are particularly noxious or dangerous to handle. 

    Our vast experience gained in the semiconductor field puts us in a unique position to support LED manufacturers in the adoption of more silicon wafer processing technology, such as Etch, PECVD and ICP chip production into their process. Our vacuum and abatement products have the capability to simultaneously handle high hydrogen and ammonia flow rates throughout the entire critical process, with high levels of safety and efficiency. 

    LED manufacturing processes typically use MOCVD with high flows of light hydrogen and highly corrosive ammonia gasses, the advanced technology incorporated our product ranges has been optimised to meet these challenges. Our iH, iXH and iXL dry pump ranges each deliver increased powder handling capability and high resistance to corrosive gases, with reduced footprint and weight. And the latest range of STP maglev turbomolecular pumps are the “all-in-one” compact solution with low power for large volume, high-flow applications.  

    Abatement products include our award winning Spectra-G 3000 which is designed to handle high gas capacity in GaN applications, allowing up to six MOCVD tools to be connected. For ease of use Atlas™ is proven in GaAs applications with high flows of hydrogen incorporates Alzeta™ inward-fired combustion technology to achieve significantly reduced cost of ownership. All our abatement systems reduce the impact of your operations on the environment and lower operating costs.  

    As the technology for LED manufacturing develops so will Edwards, we are a key enabler and our products have played a significant part in our customers’ success. Our objective is to deliver real benefits to our customers, which in turn with make the world cleaner and brighter for generations to come. Our applications experts can advise you at all stages of the LED manufacturing process on the most appropriate products to meet your needs.