• Vacuum & Air Pollution Control Equipment For The Flat Panel Display Industry

    Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacturing processes require vacuum and abatement equipment capable of supporting huge processing chambers and delivering high gas-flow rates with maximum reliability. Vacuum pumps are needed to pump toxic, pyrophoric and corrosive gases, and handle a large amount of solid process by-products that are formed in the manufacturing process chambers. Our technology leadership is clearly demonstrated by our customers who time and time again select us as their partner of choice.  

    Our experience in FPD has enabled us to develop solutions which solve customers’ process issues and optimise productivity. Our extensive range of dry and turbomolecular pumps (TMPs) are designed to maximise substrate throughput and ultimate zero humidity process condition, while minimising power, footprint and weight. Combined with our exhaust management systems, capable of managing high gas flows and the efficient abatement of toxic and flammable gases, with long service intervals and potential to connect multiple chambers to one tool, for a complete integrated vacuum and abatement solution. The introduction of new innovative designs of dry pump, including iXH, iXL and iXM, has reduced the number process pumps required per chamber, yet still delivered high production throughput with low power input, and Green Mode for reduced utilities during idle periods. 

    Enabling the future demand for higher-resolution, more interactive, ultra-slim and flexible devices, challenges us in developing smarter solutions which will reduce cost of ownership and improve process up-time.   Whatever the display future holds, you can rest assured we will rise to the challenge and continue to be a key enabler in display manufacturing processes.