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    Enabling cost-effective innovation

    Innovation is not getting any easier

    A steady stream of new materials and complicated process steps is now a fact of life at every new technology node. This puts pressure on the innovation cycle and the overall fab and sub-fab operational performance. Integration of process-critical subfab equipment information becomes paramount for rapid process development and sub-fab vacuum and abatement equipment operational excellence.


    EdCentra is our newest equipment fleet monitoring and diagnostics system, providing Advanced Process Control (APC) capability tailored specifically to provide sub-fab and vacuum state related information. Built on extensive FabWorks experience across different semi market segments, it adds multiple new features and capabilities to address current and merging requirements in the arena of sub-fab optimization and the need for integrated information provision.


  • Our History

    When F.D. Edwards began manufacturing vacuum equipment in 1939, he made a commitment to technical innovation that remains solidly at the heart of what we do today.

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